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About Us

Gabrielle and Chloe are two fashion loving, identical twins from the charming vacation town Palm Springs, California. Their fashion journey began at a very young age. From a young age their mother, impeccably, styled them in captivating outfits. Outfits a toddler normally wouldn't wear but outfits that were unique and made a statement. As they grew older they continued to implement fashion with personality and confidence. They were able to find an individual sense of identity through clothing. Knowing how important self expression is they opened their own e-shop in 2017.

The name Chevelle&Nova has meaning to the twins. When they were born thats what their father wanted to name them after some of his favorite cars. Their mother wanted to name them Chloe and Gabrielle... You can see who won that decision. The twins love both names and now they can have them both. It's an extension of themselves and a tribute to their ever so hard working parents. Their dad beginning as a small start-up and growing to a successful entrepreneur. What better name to call their business than Chevelle&Nova. To this day the twins still debate about who would have been named who.  

It's pretty cool being a twin. They finish each other's sentences, think each other's thoughts, and coincidentally buy the exact same outfits even when they are cities apart.

 Gabrielle is the older twin by a whopping 3 minutes! Her favorite thing is traveling, experiencing different cultures around the world and eating exquisite cuisine. She also loves to eat Chloe's food! As an exercise fanatic her favorite workout is pole sport. 

Chloe loves to garden. Her favorite plants to grow are tomatoes, jalapeno's, cilantro, and basil. That way she always has fresh salsa or Italian food on hand. She considers herself a foodie and can't turn down a good margarita. Chloe is in love with nature and is constantly amazed at the beauty of the earth. Sunrise and Sunset are her favorite times of the day. She loves yoga, wine, 80's rock and is never hesitant to bring back the 70's with fashion. 

They also stand for many worldly issues. Like equal rights and fair pay for everyone regardless of race, sexual orientation or gender. They are against animal and environmental abuse. Loving all types of humans, bees, and trees.

Everything on Chevelle&Nova is carefully hand selected by the sisters. Fashion is a way of life and they want you to be on the journey with them. You can check out their Blog for fashion, beauty, lifestyle, health, and travel. You can trust them to keep your closet on trend all year long, all while supporting a humane loving world. Gabrielle and Chloe want to invite you into their personal world and take a peek at their specially curated styles.