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Eco Friendly

"I am the Lorax, I speak for the trees."

-Dr. Suess

Our invoices and receipts are all electronic. You will NOT receive a paper invoice inside your shipment. All invoices will be through email and available at any time on your password-protected customer account. The only paper we use is for our shipping labels. Which are smaller label than most thus minimizing waste and saving the trees. The labels are created with an extremely hot laser. No harmful, toxic ink is involved. 
In another effort to stay eco-friendly our packaging is 100% recyclable and made from 50% already recycled material. You will receive very plain packaging with no extra labels or decorations. As we love receiving items with beautiful special packaging, stickers, colorful tissue papers, and thank you notes it adds waste to the planet and puts unnecessary junk into our land fills. For that reason, we hope you truly love your new clothes and don't mind the plain, minimalist packaging. 
Shopping with us you can be confident that we take every step to minimize waste and we strive to do our best to positively impact the environment and the beautiful planet we live on. If you need to review your order you can log into your password-protected account at any time. If you chose not to create an account then you can review your order at any time through the shipping e-mail you receive.

 Join us by recycling the packaging you receive. 

Keep the earth green and the water blue.